AIRcable Serial is a Bluetooth to serial adapter with a male type DB9 connector in a DCE type configuration. It allows connections to other Bluetooth devices such as cell phones, PDA or PCs. It also can be used in combination with our other AIRcable products to make a "serial Wireless Cable" or a "serial-to-USB Wireless Cable. It supports all hardware handshake lines (RTS/CTS, DTR/DSR, and DCD). Pin 9 (RI) can be used to provide power to the AIRcable.

Support Documentation

Technical Specifications

General Ratio Carrier frequency: 2.4 ~ 2.483 GHz, 79 channels
1 Mbps Ratio Performance Receiver: > -86 dBm sensitivity
Transmission power: +7.5 dBm
Range: Class 1 device - 20 meters
Antenna: Integrated high gain chip antenna
Dimensions 56 x 37x 16 mm
Weight 16g
Operating temperature 0C ~ +65C
Power consumption: 40 mA
  Power supply 5-15 V for serial module with wall adapter or through pin 9
Power plug: 1.3mm, see here: PowerPlug
  Serial data rate switchable between 4800 and 115200 bps; manually configurable down to 1200 baud
  8 data bits; none, even or odd parity;
one or two stop bits manually configurable
  hardware handshake (CTS, RTS) configurable per external switch
  Supports all modem control signals (DTR, DSR, DCD)
  9-pin D-Sub connector, female or male
  Data Terminal Endpoint and Data Terminal Equipment versions available
  Bluetooth 1.1 compliant
Implements & supports Bluetooth profiles: SPP, DUN, LAN and OBEX
  Supports master and slave operation
  support one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one type of connections
  Automatic and manual connection modes