Support : AIRcable for Palm and Clié– Setup and Specifications

AIRcable PDA allows Palm Tungsten or Sony Clié to perform wireless sync with the PC.  The wireless connection software is built into the AIRcable. For use with Microsoft Windows, a virtual COM port driver for the AIRcable USB is required.  This driver is supplied with the product,  or you can download it here from our web site. For setup of Palm sync software with OSX or Linux please contact us.

Hardware Setup

With the PC turned on, plug the AIRcable module into an available USB port.

When requested, select the driver from the CD or from the directory into which you have downloaded it.

Configure the HotSync software using Windows

Pairing Process

Whenever you add or change the pairing to a Bluetooth device, you must update the connection entry on the Palm.

Operation of the AIRcable USB

Once a pairing with the Palm has been established the AIRcable USB is ready to be used for HotSync.  Use the HotSync button on the Palm screen to sync wirelessly.

Technical Specifications

The product is based on Bluetooth technology with an embedded Bluetooth stack and application. The software inside the modules is Bluetooth class 2 compliant. No external Bluetooth software is needed.

Specifications and features:

LED Status

The blue light on the AIRcable PDA module will come on after the serial port on the PDA is initialized and a connection attempt takes place. It stays on as soon as the connection has been established. When the PDA  is turned off, it disconnects the link and turns off.

AIRcable USB Red LED

blink data receive or transmit

AIRcable USB Green LED

on firmware program running

AIRcable USB Blue LED

fast flash waiting for master to pair

AIRcable USB Blue LED

slow flash devices have been paired, waiting for master to connect

AIRcable USB Blue LED

on connection established

AIRcable USB Blue LED

off no pairing available



Advanced Features

The AIRcable USB is either in an establishing mode, pairing mode or connection mode. Establishing means, it tries to make a connection to the paired device, pairing mode means it tries to find other devices to pair with and connection mode means that a connection has been established.

Pairing with the AIRcable USB

There is a button hidden under a hole in each of the modules. Normally it is not necessary to use these once the pairing has been established. If for some reason you lose the pairing information on the Palm or Clie, use a pin and press and hold the button on either module for 5 seconds. All the pairing information will be deleted and the modules start a repairing process. During that time no other Bluetooth device should be discoverable in the range of the modules.

The blue LED is off if no pairing information is stored in the device.

A short press of the button on the AIRcable USB and the modules go into pairing mode. The AIRcable USB is discoverable for 30 seconds. In this state the blue LED blinks fast. During this state the Palm is able to discover it and create a bond.

Pairing with multiple Palm or Clié Devices

Once you have paired one Palm with the AIRcable Palm the device actually allows you to connect other Palms to the HotSync program running on the PC or Laptop. Just go through the steps on the Palm to add a Trusted Device and create a Connection entry and another Palm device with another user can sync through the PC. Users are unique on the HotSync program.

Dual Pairing with the AIRcable USB

The AIRcable USB is able to pair with two devices, one master device such as the Palm or Clie and one slave device such as a cell phone or a Bluetooth access point. It can be paired with one of each categories.

After one successful pairing the device is in connection mode again and does not attempt to pair with other devices.

If you press the button (short press) the AIRcable USB goes into pairing mode again. This time it tries to pair with the second device. If a pairing with a master (Palm) has been established in the first place it will now try to pair with a slave device (cell phone) and vice versa. The AIRcable USB goes into inquiry mode for 8 seconds. At that state it tries to find other Bluetooth devices in its range. This is used to pair the AIRcable USB to Bluetooth cell phones or Bluetooth access points in addition to the pairing with the Palm or Clie.

If you use a Bluetooth access point or a cell phone, set it to a fixed PIN: 1234.

Jump Connection

After pairing with one master and one slave has been established and you press the button (short press) then the device will disconnect the current connection (e.g. a connection to a cell phone) and will allow a Palm PDA for example to connect to it. Or the other way around. In this state the AIRcable USB tries to establish a connection to the paired master for 8 seconds and then allows the paired slave (Palm) to connect for 8 seconds.


Wireless Internet Networking with the Palm

Mochasoft ( supplies a utility that enables a PPP connection from the Palm through the AIRcable USB to the Internet. The software is available for download as full functional demo version.

Download the file ppp.exe from and the documentation file readppp.txt .

Use 115200 Bit/s transfer rate. Before starting Mochasoft PPP you must disable the serial port in HotSync by right click again on the HotSync icon and enable Local Serial. Otherwise Mochasoft PPP will display a message that the port is not available. Follow the instructions in the Mochasoft PPP software package.