Our AIRcable OEM is the best, most flexible and most capable embedded wireless Bluetooth device in the industry. Based on our patented AIRmote technology, it runs BASIC applications, can log data in a file system and communicates to any other Bluetooth devices in various ways. All these features are packaged in a small 32 pin DIL-type board ready to be embedded in industrial devices.

Support Documentation

Technical Specifications : OEM

Size 26 mm x 50 mm
Pins - 2 rows of 16 pins
- spaced 0.1 inch
Row spacing 0.9 inch (standard DIL size)
Real time clock backup battery 3V Lithium CR1220 or CR1216
Uart 1200 to 1382400 baud, 3.3V TTL level
Internal ceramic antenna 5.5dBm transmit power
RP_SMA antenna connector available upon request
Power consumption 1mA sleep, 20mA average, 70mA peek
Real time clock
- calendar functions
- battery backup
Temperature sensor
- environmental data
Bluetooth with external
antenna connector
- omni-directional antenna 35m to 700m
- directional antenna up to 3km
- external cable available
Bluetooth profiles

- two SPP ports for streaming data, master and slave mode at the same time
- OBEX/FTP server for file transfer of BASIC, config and file system
- OBEX/PIM item transfer server for messages
- up to 4 multiple connections at the same time
- OBEX/FTP and OBEX/PIM client implementation available through BASIC programming

Input and Output

5 digital input and output lines (3.3V TTL)
2 analog input lines (0-1.5V)

Asynchronous serial
- 1200-1382400 bps, 8 bit, none-odd-even parity, 1 or 2 stop bits
File system
- 48kByte or 64kByte available for files
- up to 4 or 8 files
- access from BASIC program
- FTP down- and uploadable wirelessly
BASIC Interpreter
- 512 or 2048 lines of BASIC program, 32 bytes long
- embedded functions (Bluetooth, file system, string operations)
- interrupt routines for clock, messages, sensor readings, Bluetooth events etc.
- raw output power: 6dBm
- input sensitivity: -85dBm
- omni directional antennas: 5.5dBi, outdoor: 8dBi, 15dBi
- directional: 18dBi and 24dBi
- antenna connector: RP-SMA

- Bluetooth certified (BQB)
- Bluetooth 2.0 Standard (802.11b tolerant)
- FCC certified
- CE certification (pdf)


Technical Specifications : Development Board

  1200-230400 baud (at RS232 levels)
  hardware handshake auto detect
Power supply standard industrial 5-15V DC
  2.1mm plug