It is a Bluetooth to serial module with an advanced the new AIRcable firmware from AIRcable serial. It allows master and slave operations configurable through the Command Line Interface. This device can connect to any other Bluetooth device or can be combined with our other AIRcable products.

Support Documentation

Technical Specifications

General Ratio Carrier frequency: 2.4 ~ 2.483 GHz, 79 channels
1 Mbps Ratio Performance Receiver: -85 dBm sensitivity
Transmission power: +6 dBm
Range: Class 2 device - 10 meters
Antenna: Integrated PCB antenna
Dimensions 38 x 28 x 10 mm
Weight 8g
Operating temperature 0C ~ +65C
Power consumption: 20 mA
  Powered by the Zaurus, power save mode when switched off
  Serial data rate fixed 115200 bps, software configurable
  Hardware handshake required (CTS, RTS)
  Bluetooth 1.1 compliant
Implements and/or supports Bluetooth profiles: SPP, DUN, LAN and OBEX
  Supports master and slave operation
  Automatic and manual connection modes