Support : AIRcable™ CellConnect for Zaurus

Setup and Technical Specifications

The AIRcable Zaurus module (included in the AIRcable for Zaurus and AIRcable CellConnect for Zaurus products) can make connections to a Bluetooth enabled cell phone. This documentation gives an overview of how to pair a cell phone with either AIRcable module. Every cell phone is a bit different. As an example we use the Ericsson T39 and a Motorola 270c.

Setting Up The Zaurus Connector

AIRcable Zaurus LED Status

Important: The blue light on the Zaurus module will come on after the serial port on the Zaurus is initialized and a connection attempt takes place. It stays on as soon as the connection has been established. When the Zaurus is turned off, it disconnects the Bluetooth link and turns off.

AIRcable Zaurus Blue LED

slow flash: Zaurus is trying to connect
fast blink: indicates exchange of security key
off: Serial line not initialized or Zaurus off or not paired
on: Connection established

State Engine

The Zaurus AIRcable are either in a connection establishing mode, pairing mode or connected mode. Establishing means trying to make a connection to another Bluetooth device, pairing means trying to find other devices with which to pair, and connected means that a connection has been established.

Cell Phone Pairing

During the pairing process no other Bluetooth device should be discoverable in the range of the AIRcable Zaurus.

There is a button hidden inside a hole on the bottom of the Zaurus connector. To delete all pairing information use a straightened paper clip to press and hold the button for 5 seconds. The blue LED is off if no pairing information is stored in the connector.

Bring your Bluetooth cell phone into pairing mode while the phone accepts an incoming attempt. On the Ericsson, go to menu Extras -> Bluetooth -> Paired Devices -> Add Device -> Phone Accepts. The display will show a message: Ready to pair.

On the Motorola go to menu -> Settings -> Connection -> Bluetooth Link -> Setup -> Await Link.

Press and hold the button on the AIRcable Zaurus for 5 seconds using the paper clip. The blue LED starts blinking.

Wait until the AIRcable Zaurus finds the phone and initiates a pairing. The module will try to pair for only 8 seconds. If the phone does not recognize the pairing attempt and the blue LED is blinking faster again or is off, press the button on the AIRcable again.

The phone will ask if you want to add the AIRcable Zaurus to your list of paired devices. When you answer yes the phone will ask for a PIN. Answer "1234" and Yes.

Important: during the whole process, make sure that you don't pause and exceed the 8 seconds time limit.

After a successful pairing the AIRcable module will attempt a connection to the cell phone. On some phones (Motorola) this connection attempt has to be granted or the phone needs configuration to allow automatic connections of the AIRcable.

Dual Pairing on the AIRcable Zaurus

The AIRcable Zaurus module is able to pair with two different devices. The Zaurus module will always act as a master, meaning it will actively find the other Bluetooth devices and attempt a connection.

After a first successful pairing, if you press the button on the Zaurus module (short press) it will go into pairing mode again. Another device such as an Bluetooth Access Point or our AIRcable USB can be discovered. The AIRcable Zaurus module will create a second bond.


Important: The first device the AIRcable Zaurus module is paired with has preference. This means even if your cell phone is discoverable in the range, but a Bluetooth access point (first pairing) is available it will make a connection to the access point. If it loses the connection when you leave the office, for example, it will then automatically make a connection to your cell phone.
Set your Bluetooth access point to a fixed PIN: 1234.

Making Cell Phone Connections

Caution: Serial IntelliSync from the Zaurus through the AIRcable to a Windows PC and Bluetooth cell phone dial up can not be used at the same time. The Zaurus operating system freezes up, if you try.

First, go to the PC Link application on the Zaurus and switch from Serial to USB or TCP. Then you can use serial dial up through the AIRcable to a Bluetooth cell phone. Switch back to the PC Link Serial to do IntelliSync.

This only applies to users of serial connections through the AIRcable USB.

Graphical Dialup

It is possible to create an icon on the Zaurus screen to graphically allow dial up connection.

First use the Network Wizard to create an Infrared dial up connection. Type in you phone number and login information. Use 115200 bps as the connection speed. Save the setup.

There is one manual step to take to switch from the IR port to the serial port, which connects to the AIRcable Zaurus. Edit the file /etc/ppp/peers/DialupIRxxx. The file name will be chosen from the connection parameters you typed in. Add one line above this script: "/dev/ttyS0". This specifies the port which is used for the dial up connection.

After that the "world" icon can be used to make a dial up connection through a Bluetooth cell phone.

Technical Specifications

Battery Life

Using the AIRcable Zaurus provides about 4 times longer battery life on the SL-5000D than typical Wi-Fi (802.11) configurations. Battery life on the SL-5000D is 452 min (no back light) without Wi-Fi, and 117 min with Wi-Fi The AIRcable Zaurus module consumes 20 mA at 115200 bit/s and 5 mA with no data transfer, thus enabling at least 390 min battery life with a fully utilized connection. The SL-5000D has a battery capacity of 950 mAh, while the SL-5600 has a 1700 mAh battery, nearly twice the capacity.