Support : AIRcable™ CellConnect USB

Setup and Technical Specifications

Both the AIRcable Zaurus module (included in the the AIRcable for Zaurus and AIRcable CellConnect for Zaurus products) and  the AIRcable USB module (included in the AIRcable for Zaurus and AIRcable CellConnect for Laptops products) can make connections to a Bluetooth enabled cell phone.  This documentation gives an overview how to pair a cell phone with either AIRcable module. Every cell phone is a bit different. As an example we use the Ericsson T39 and a Motorola 270c.


USB Module

USB Driver for Windows Download

Download the USB driver for Windows here.

USB Driver for OSX

Please see documentation here(doc doesn't exist) and download the latest USB driver for OSX here.

USB Driver for Linux

Linux has the driver already built in.

AIRcable USB Module: LED Status

The AIRcable USB has 3 LEDs: power (green), connection (blue) and data (red).

AIRcable USB Red LED Blink USB data receive or transmit
AIRcable USB Green LED On Firmware program running
AIRcable USB Blue LED Fast flash Exchange pairing information
AIRcable USB Blue LED Slow flash Device in pairing or connection mode
AIRcable USB Blue LED On Connection established
AIRcable USB Blue LED Off No pairing available


State Engine

The AIRcable modules are either in a connection establishing mode, pairing mode or connected mode. Establishing means trying to make a connection to another Bluetooth device, pairing means trying to find other devices with which to pair, and connected means that a connection has been established.

Cell Phone Pairing

During the pairing process no other Bluetooth device should be discoverable in the range of the AIRcable USB.

There is a button hidden inside a hole on the bottom of the USB connector. To delete all pairing information use a straightened paper clip to press and hold the button for 5 seconds. The blue LED is off if no pairing information is stored in the connector.

Bring your Bluetooth cell phone into pairing mode while the phone accepts an incoming attempt. On the Ericsson, go to menu Extras -> Bluetooth -> Paired Devices -> Add Device -> Phone Accepts. The display will show a message: Ready to pair.

On the Motorola go to menu -> Settings -> Connection -> Bluetooth Link -> Setup -> Await Link.

Press and hold the button on the AIRcable USB for 5 seconds using the paper clip. The blue LED starts blinking.

Wait until the AIRcable USB finds the phone and initiates a pairing. The module will try to pair for only 8 seconds. If the phone does not recognize the pairing attempt and the blue LED is blinking faster again or is off, press the button on the AIRcable again.

The phone will ask if you want to add the AIRcable USB to your list of paired devices. When you answer yes the phone will ask for a PIN. Answer "1234" and Yes.

Important: during the whole process, make sure that you don't pause and exceed the 8 seconds time limit.

After a successful pairing the AIRcable USB will attempt a connection to the cell phone. On some phones (Motorola) this connection attempt has to be granted or the phone needs configuration to allow automatic connections of the AIRcable.

Dual Pairing with the AIRcable USB

The AIRcable USB module is also able to pair with two devices, one slave device such as a Bluetooth cell phone and one master device such as a Palm PDA, Zaurus or any other Bluetooth enabled computer. It can be paired with one of each category.

After one successful pairing the device is in connection mode again and does not attempt to pair with other devices automatically.

If you press the button (short press) the AIRcable USB module goes into pairing mode again. This time it tries to pair with the second device. If a pairing with a master has been established in the first place it will now try to pair with a slave device and vice versa. The AIRcable USB module goes into inquiry mode for 8 seconds. At that state it tries to find other devices in its range. This is used to pair the AIRcable USB module to Bluetooth cell phones or Bluetooth access points.

Use this PIN number during the pairing: 1234. 

Jump Connection

After pairing with one master and one slave has been established and you press the button (short press) then the device will disconnect the current connection (e.g. a connection to a cell phone) and will allow a Palm or Zaurus  to connect to it. Or the other way around. In this state the AIRcable USB module tries to establish a connection to the paired master (cell phone) for 8 seconds and then allows the paired slave (Palm or Zaurus) to connect for 8 seconds.  

Making Cell Phone Connections

To make a dial up connection configure a dial up connection through the COMx port the AIRcable USB has created.

Technical Specifications