AIRcable Bluetooth Service Module

The AIRcable Service module allows other Bluetooth devices to connect to it, such as a Palm Tungsten, Sony Clie or any laptop equipped with Bluetooth.

The AIRcable Service is a Bluetooth slave device, which awaits connections from others. It is discoverable all the time. When discovering it every AIRcable Service device has a unique name, for example "AIRcable 12345". The number is different for every device.

If you have purchased just that one on the web the 5 digit number is your PIN. Use it when initiating a pairing process.

The AIRcable Service can be purchased with an encrypted PIN number for added security. Please contact us for more information.

Again the AIRcable Service also implements hardware flow control. This means that RTS/CTS have to be connection to ensure proper functionality. If your device does not support hardware handshake you have to shortcut RTS/CTS in order for the AIRcable Service module to work properly.

The new AIRcable hardware now has a switch to disable hardware handshake and a connection of RTS/CTS are no longer required. The RTS/CTS lines are used to control traffic over air. Disabling hardware handshake can lead to data loss when/if the buffers overrun. Hardware handshake is enabled by default.

The AIRcable Service does not ship with power supply. You supply 4-10V DC @ 50mA through pin 9 of the DB9s connector or through a 1.3mm power plug on the side of the module.

Note: The AIRcable Service is a special device and is not compatible with some older AIRcable USB and Zaurus products. This means it cannot make a connection to another AIRcable USB or AIRcable Zaurus. Our newer AIRcable Serial devices are able to pair with the AIRcable Bluetooth Service device.