Server XR

Linux machine with long range Bluetooth Host XR3

Brief Description

The AIRcable Server XR™ is our transparent solution for Bluetooth Proximity Marketing. It is very cost effective using only open source packages such as Linux and OpenProximity.

The bundle consists of a Linux machine running Ubuntu, the extensible™ software and the only long-range, Bluetooth® AIRcable Host XR for a ready to use Bluetooth Proximity Marketing solution.

The bundle is also available with Windows and FexMax software.

We have several options available, using industrial lower power machines (eBox3310), Acer Revo or mobile laptop/netbook options from Acer or eeePC.

Please visit the online store for available options.

Feature List

  • Solid state or standard hard drives
  • Pre-installed, customized Ubuntu 10.04 Linux
  • Full optimized BlueZ Bluetooth Implementation
  • OpenProximity for Bluetooth Marketing
  • Ethernet Port, wireless available
  • 3-5 USB ports
  • VGA video port, or HDMI on the Acer
  • Windows XP with FexMax for Bluetooth proximity marketing option available

Bluetooth Features

  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR certified
  • Built on AIRcable's Host XR™ long-range technology

Linux Pre-installed

The AIRcable Server XR comes with Ubuntu 10.04 Linux installed using the latest Linux kernel. Ubuntu is based on Debian and targets for easy user interaction.

Proximity Marketing

The AIRcable Server XR is intended as a platform for embedded Bluetooth Proximity Marketing applications. It has all tools and packages required to run a full marketing campaign.

Please visit the online store for available options.

Other Uses Include

  • Multiple Bluetooth Host XRs supported (up to 16), each supporting 7 connections simultaneously.
  • Bluetooth network access point (BlueSpot)
  • Bluetooth mesh network (multiple AIRcable Server XR, plus cell phones or PCs)
  • Bluetooth serial server (connect to seven AIRcable Serial5 per HostXR)
  • Bluetooth picture server
  • Bluetooth message receiver, such as temperature readings from an AIRcable SMD
  • Additional plugins available, see OpenSensors web site.