Bluetooth video and still camera

Brief Description

The AIRcable OptiEyes is very easy to deploy and use in almost any application. During use, a preview image is streamed over Bluetooth. With the ability to be controlled wirelessly by computer, PDA or mobile phone, the AIRcable OptiEyes is great for any remote, wireless video application.

Key Features

  • 320x240 Video Resolution
  • Low Power Consumption:
    1.5 Hours Usage Time
    90 hours of standby
  • Streaming & Still Video Camera
  • Bluetooth Class 1 Device
  • Wireless Ranges of 10 meters to cell phones and 100-200m range to the AIRcable Host XR
    or many miles range when used with our AIRcable Industrial XR as relay
  • Small Form Factor
    69mm x 21mm x 14mm - 16g
  • Software for WinMobile, Windows included
  • Source code for Mac, Linux and Symbian available
    here: OpenSensors.org


Long Range Remote Camera Example Use:

Combine the AIRcable OptiEyes with our AIRcable Industrial XR for miles of range!

What you need:

  1. One AIRcable OptiEyes
  2. Two AIRcable long-range devices in one of the two following configurations:
    1. Two AIRcable Industrial XRs
      This configuration will work for PCs, PDAs and Mobile Phones
    2. One AIRcable Industrial XR & One (1) AIRcable Host XR2
      This configuration will work for PCs only
  3. Two High-gain Antennas sized for your desired range

How to:

  1. Pair the two AIRcable long-range transmitters
  2. On the camera side of the installation: Pair the AIRcable OptiEyes with the AIRcable Indistrial XR that will be at the camera side of the installation.
  3. Install the AIRcable OptiEyes software on your PC, PDA or Mobile Phone.
  4. That's it! You now have a long-range wireless camera!
30km range requires porfessional, licenced installation.
Up to 2km range, no need for professional installation or additional license.