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Indoor Rubber Duck

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Outdoor Omni-directional

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Directional Antennas

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Cables and Adapters


Serial-to-USB Cable

This cable is 4 feet in length.

RP-SMA Plug to N-Male Cable

Use to mount the AIRcable Industrial in an enclosure with an external antenna. Use with Bulkhead for 1/4 Chassis or an antenna with a N-Female connector.

20' RP-SMA Extension Cable

RP-SMA to RP-SMA extension cable.


Mini Null-Modem Adapter

Null-modem adapter with pin9 connected for powering the AIRcable Serial.

RJ11/RJ45 to DB9F

Configurable RJ11 or RJ45 to DB9F

N-Female Bulkhead Bullet Adapter

For 1/4 Chassis with RP-SMA to N-Male Cable