AIRcable™ SMD Unveiled

The AIRcable SMD: The wireless programmable micro-controller (W-PLC) with the powerful AIRcable operating system.

Santa Cruz, CA - June 12, 2007 - Wireless Cables, Inc. brings you the AIRcable SMD (AB3C2), an intelligent, autonomous, surface mounted wireless microcontroller offering flexible, programmable Bluetooth communication to other devices and digital and analog sensor interfaces. At the size of a standard Bluetooth module (15mm x 31mm including antenna) it integrates three cutting-edge technologies: a wirelessly programmable BASIC interpreter, a data logger with file system, and standards-based Bluetooth® 2.0 connectivity.


The main strong point of the AIRcable SMD is that it can be programmed wirelessly in BASIC - with no code compiler required. A simple Bluetooth file transfer of the BASIC code allows the adaptability of the AIRcable SMD to many applications. Its easy-to-use BASIC language interface cuts down application development time to days instead of months with many open source examples and tutorial available online: AIRcable OpenSource Projects. The AIRcable SMD's embedded BASIC interpreter includes functions that you can incorporate into your customized programs, such as (1) Bluetooth connectivity (make connections, send files, receive messages etc.), (2) file system access, (3) input/output, and (4) sensor operations.


The AIRcable SMD communicates with digital and analog sensors and actuators via synchronous and asynchronous serial port, 10 digital inputs and outputs, and 2 analog input ports. All of these interfaces can be controlled by the BASIC program. The AIRcable SMD incorporates a Lithium-ion battery charger, various power supply options, 2 LED driver output, an audio output and very low power consumption.


The AIRcable SMD conforms to Bluetooth V2.0 and supports simultaneous master and slave connection modes, 2 spp (serial port profile) channels, OBEX file transfer (client and server), and OBEX messages exchange (client and server). It will easily and seamlessly interact with other Bluetooth-compatible devices such as PCs, cell phones, PDAs, Bluetooth GPS and all other AIRcable products, like the AIRcable SMD or AIRcable Industrial XR. Because the AIRcable SMD uses the standard OBEX (OBject EXchange) communications protocol, it can transfer and receive messages (vNotes) and business cards (vCard) from and to cell phones, PDAs, etc. and other AIRcable SMDs. This also allows very low power sensor networks with virtually unlimited nodes (mesh networking). AIRcable SMDs can manage up to four simultaneous Bluetooth connections, including file upload/download, send/receive messages from other devices, and send/receive streaming data.


Its on-board file system allows for the storage of information gathered by the data-logging function within the BASIC code. Here's one example of how it works. Data streaming in from a sensor connected to the serial port is processed and stored. You can then access the file system wirelessly from a PC or your cell phone, or have the stored data transferred automatically at specified intervals. Streamlining operations is that simple with the AIRcable SMD. Users can also download and/or upload files via OBEX/FTP. Best of all, the unit doesn't have to be connected to another device for data transfer because the AIRcable SMD performs operations in both connection and autonomous mode.


What makes the AIRcable SMD truly unique is that it can render other devices Bluetooth-enabled without any chip programming due to the advanced AIRcable OS and easy integration via it's built-in Bluetooth communication, sensor interfaces and data-logging file system. With it's standards-based interfaces, application flexibility and small size, the AIRcable SMD is a powerful, easy-to-integrate solution for adding intelligent Bluetooth communication capabilities to virtually any sensor or device. And it speeds time-to-market by avoiding the need for FCC Bluetooth certification due to the AIRcable SMD's modular FCC certification.

AIRcable SMD features and pricing:

Price: starting at $29.00 at 2k units

Additional information available on the AIRcable SMD product page.


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