AIRcable™ Industrial XR Unveiled

AIRcable Industrial XR: an intelligent, long-range Bluetooth® device designed for wireless sensor interface, mesh networking, long-range,and data logging applications

Santa Cruz, CA - June 12, 2007 - Wireless Cables, Inc. unveils its next-generation intelligent Bluetooth device, the AIRcable Industrial XR. Built for outdoor use, where autonomous operation, flexible communication, and long range are critical, these compact Bluetooth-compatible products gather data using intelligent sensors, run computations, and transfer files. They can even communicate using secure, long-range Bluetooth to multiple devices simultaneously. The standardsbased units are programmable and configurable over the air. And they can be clustered together to create low-power, high-efficiency communications mesh networks that interact with other AIRcable products, as well as all Bluetooth-compatible devices, such as PCs, cell phones, and PDAs.

What makes the Industrial XR truly remarkable is its long range and programmability. While the standard range with the included antenna is 1,000 meters (3,280 feet), users can achieve a range of up to 30 km by linking two AIRcable Industrial XR units with 24 dBi parabolic antennas. Imagine being able to relay data around large obstacles, such as buildings and mountains. How about relaying sensor data from oilfield pumps to a computer or mobile monitoring vehicle? Or conducting pipeline and transmission-line monitoring at a range of 30 km? With the Industrial XR, you can even transmit logged or real-time weather station data from hilltop sensors to downhill facilities. Whatever application your business necessitates, this device is sure to help you reduce costs by streamlining operations.

Utilizing the AIRcable Industrial XR for sending SMS Messages and vCards opens yet a whole new array of possibilities. Users can broadcast conference information to show attendees, send promotional offers and information to potential customers, or send sensor data via SMS to another mobile phone or email address, for example. If, instead, your business requires GPS data logging, try using an AIRcable Industrial XR as a data logger for a GPS device and log the current position into the AIRcable's on-board file system (the unit can utilize either Bluetooth or a physical cable connection to connect to the GPS receiver). Sample applications include topographic/trail mapping, vehicle/equipment tracking, and weather balloon path & sensor data collection. Note: this application can be easily extended to whatever you need to log from many other Bluetooth or RS232 sensors. The AIRcable Industrial XR's high-speed serial port can be attached to a computer or any number of analog or digital sensors in addition to communicating wirelessly with other Bluetooth-enabled sensors. With its programmability and onboard file system, it can analyze and stream data in realtime, on-the-fly, or log data to be transmitted in bursts. When multiple units are employed, the AIRcable Industrial XR easily and automatically creates wireless Bluetooth networks. With networking applications, each Industrial XR in the network acts as a data relay, enabling virtually unlimited distance communication and/or communication around large objects. Furthermore, because it creates mesh networks, the network is less prone to interruption. And it is wirelesslyprogrammable. So you can program any sensor in the network from any position within the network, even if it is miles away.

Enclosed in an industrial-strength aluminum case, these AIRcable devices are ruggedized to withstand most environmental conditions (water-proof versions available for some models). The AIRcable Industrial XR has a battery-backed, real-time clock with calendar functions, a built-in temperature sensor that you can access via the application program, and is wirelessly programmable in BASIC. Equipped with an extremely powerful, highly sensitive Bluetooth transmitter, the device can achieve an unparalleled range of up to 30 km with professional installation. With a 9 dBi omnidirectional antenna, the extended range is up to 2 km, and with the 18 dBi directional antenna, it is up to 10 km. Plus, the devices have a large rechargeable Li-ion battery and a wide-range charger for wired and solar power options.

AIRcable Industrial XR features and pricing:

Price: $299.00

Additional information available on the AIRcable Industrial XR product page.


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