AIRcable™ Industrial Unveiled

The AIRcable Industrial – A wireless, intelligent Bluetooth® device for autonomous data acquisition and control, mesh sensor networks, industrial and environmental monitoring applications.

Santa Cruz, CA – March 9, 2006 – Wireless Cables Inc. unveils its next-generation intelligent Bluetooth device, the AIRcable Industrial. Based on our patented AIRmote technology, it combines three cutting edge technologies — programmable autonomous mesh nodes (motes), data loggers, and industry-standard Bluetooth 2.0 compatibility — into an extremely versatile, small form factor device. The unit, which fits in the palm of your hand, gathers data using intelligent sensors (1-Wire® sensor bus), runs computations, sends messages, transfers files, and communicates using standard Bluetooth technology. These compact units can be clustered together to create a low-power, highly flexible mesh communications networks that can interact with other nodes and other Bluetooth compatible devices such as PCs, cell phones, laptops, and handhelds.

"This is like having a BASIC processor, a Bluetooth radio and a data logger together in one device.” – Dr. Juergen Kienhoefer, CEO of Wireless Cables Inc.

The AIRcable Industrial is an intelligent, autonomous device that can be easily programmed wirelessly to run applications written in standard BASIC with no code compiler required. In addition, it has its own file system where data acquired and controlled by its data logging functions can be stored. And, you can upload and download files via the Bluetooth OBEX-FTP protocol (for total data security) using Palm or pocket PC handhelds, cell phones, laptops, and PCs. The standards-based AIRcable Industrial can be a huge cost savings in terms of software development, hardware requirements and time-to-deployment compared to other proprietary motes technologies, like Zigbee.

Among the numerous industrial applications for these intelligent devices are: soil moisture and weather monitoring for agricultural environments such as vineyards, GPS truck tracking with monitoring (e.g., refrigeration temperatures for food transport), power line or oil/gas pipeline monitoring, medical device monitoring, autonomous robot swarms, and machine control.

“We had a requirement for a system to monitor temperatures and other data from refrigerators, coolrooms and incubators in an open plan laboratory of many thousands of square feet. Cabling costs would have been a major part of the entire system cost. We now implement the system with the AIRcable Industrial.” – Robert Keith, Managing Director of Thermodata Pty Ltd in Australia and President of Thermodata Corporation of Erie, PA

Another feature unique to the AIRcable Industrial is its ability to manage up to four simultaneous wireless and serial connections, including file upload/download, send/receive messages from other devices, and send/receive streaming data. The AIRcable Industrial’s simultaneous wireless and serial connection ability allows data to flow continuously—without interruption—across a mesh network of multiple nodes or a combination of AIRcable Industrial and other Bluetooth compatible devices. Data can also be stored and forwarded in network scenarios like these.

Enclosed in an aluminum case, these AIRcable devices are ruggedized to withstand most environmental conditions. Weather-proof versions are also available. The AIRcable Industrial has a battery-backed real-time clock, a built-in temperature sensor that you can access via the application program, and an antenna port with various indoor, outdoor and directional antenna options for an extended range of up to 4 miles. The devices have a large rechargeable Li-ion battery and a wide-range charger for wired and solar power panels.

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Wireless Cables Inc. manufactures plug-and-play Bluetooth-based wireless accessories for PDAs, laptops, and wireless serial and USB cable replacements. Our AIRcable products eliminate the inconvenience and cost associated with connecting cable devices or most Bluetooth devices. No wireless connection software or knowledge of Bluetooth is required on the part of the user because the software resides in our hardware. We offer a wide range of products—from our newly released wireless headset to cable replacements, making Bluetooth connectivity available on a wide range of devices. Through our unique patented technology, we’ve eliminated the complexities of software setup and device configuration, making AIRcable the most flexible, powerful and cost-effective Bluetooth-Serial product on the market today. In addition to point-to-point, cable mode connection, AIRcable can also be configured to provide Bluetooth service to other devices and can automatically locate other Bluetooth devices. Wireless Cables also provides custom product development for OEMs who wish to integrate AIRcable technology into their devices. Wireless Cables Inc. is based in Santa Cruz, California.

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