July 2005

Wireless Cables Inc. introduced the AIRcable Hifi-Audio product.

Wireless Cables Inc. today announces the availability of our first Wireless Audio Cable product. Our wireless HiFi stereo headphones is designed to listen to music from your PC at home or at work. The little USB blade connects to the PC and shows up as a new speaker set on Windows. It automatically makes a wireless connection to the headphones and you can enjoy listening to music or watch a video on the PC immediately. As always, no software installation is required, no pairing or configuration. I just works, plug and play, in every sense of the words. Furthermore our headphones can be paired with your Bluetooth cell phone. When you are not listening to music, the connection switches over to a Bluetooth cell phone and you can talk hands free. Yes, there is a microphone in the headphones. The headphones comes with rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, wall charger and USB charger, and the AIRcable HiFi-Audio USB blade for a introductory price of $149 (reg $199).


AIRcable Hifi-Audio in the News

Published on June 6, 2005, Page 1E, San Jose Mercury News (CA)

When Cheryl Brennan sits down in her blue chair at her cubicle, she
needs to get down to business. But that can be difficult in a small
office with five other workers, where she's within earshot of every
conversation of her colleagues. To help her focus, she puts on her white
headphones and cranks up the heavy-metal stylings of AC/DC and
Aerosmith. ''I zone out,'' said Brennan, who works for the Department of
Defense in Seaside in Monterey County.

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AIRcable for Nextel, general availability, Iden phones.

Wireless Cables Inc. today announces the general availability of AIRcable for Nextel cell phones. Our proven embedded connection software is now available as a tiny plug into Nextel cell phones. With this device, all Nextel cell phones (Falcon and Condor type) are now Bluetooth 1.1 enabled for incoming and outgoing data connections. The AIRcable for Nextel can be used to make wireless connections to barcode scanners, credit card scanners and printers. It allows wireless streaming of received GPS data from the phone to PDA and other navigation devices and allows incoming dial up connection. Even pictures from a Bluetooth enables photo camera can be sent to the cell phone and submitted through the Nextel network to Internet servers. The AIRcable for Nextel has a retail price of $99. Resellers, VARs, please contact us for volume orders.