June 30, 2004:

Wireless Cables Inc. today announces the new generation of its Bluetooth serial adapters, Bluetooth serial USB adapters and cable replacement products.

What's New? Hardware? Software? Everything!

New Software:

Three new modes: Cable Mode, Service Mode, and Manual (Command line) Mode. See online documentation.

With our new embedded software our products are now customizable to fit your needs and purposes. These new abilities allow you to change parameters such as the PIN code, the name, authentication and more.

Wireless connections have now been made even easier to use with our addition of automatic modes for incoming and outgoing connections that don't require host interaction!

We've also replaced the special "AIRcable Bluetooth Service" module with software, so all devices are now capable of running in the Service-slave mode.

Examples of a few things this new product is capable of!
Many times AIRcable Service modules are in places where it's difficult to reach and plug in cables. For example: on one of the tall power line polls where a monitor often is, a locked vending machine, a control cabinet for oil pipelines, and a telescope mount control.

In the above examples, you can use the Service-Master Mode to go from one AIRcable Service module to another and get an instant connection from a distance. Just why would you want to do that?

Because it's easier and less dangerous too: be sitting in your car monitoring a power line than it is to have to climb it, not have to unlock a vending machine, and not trip over cables at night.

New Hardware:

The upcoming newly designed hardware offers you increased productivity, with its new antenna that improves range, and with its greater ease of use due to improved functionality. The new hardware will be available during this summer.

How to order:

Wireless Cables Inc. is selling its remaining inventory of proven hardware with the newest Bluetooth connection software at a discounted price. "We want to give our customers a chance to use the advanced features the new software provides before the new hardware is ready to launch." said Dr. Juergen Kienhoefer, CEO of Wireless Cables Inc. The new Bluetooth connection software is still compatible with our devices that are deployed in the field.

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