May 2005

New AIRcable Serial-USB module, smaller, more features but still self contained Bluetooth

Wireless Cables Inc. today announces a new generation of the AIRcable USB-Serial product. This product replaces our first generation AIRcable USB device that allows users to add Bluetooth capability through the USB port without complicated Bluetooth software installation and support on the host machine. The AIRcable USB-Serial runs all the Bluetooth connection software on the module without the need host software. It can automatically initiate connections to other devices, such as medical equipment, credit card scanners, barcode scanners, printers, sensors and machines. It can also allow incoming connections from PDAs for syncing or cell phones for dial up connections. Eliminating the Bluetooth software install on the PC saves customers, vars and resellers enormous amount of support costs. The new AIRcable USB-Serial is only 1/3 of the size and easier to operate. Combining the AIRcable USB-Serial with our AIRcable Serial male type, customers have a USB-to-Serial Wireless Cable. Even baud rate, parity and number of stop bits on the remote end can be controlled by the standard port settings on the PC.