About the Company

Wireless Cables Inc, designs, manufactures and sells Bluetooth based wireless products, or "Wireless Cables™," under the brand name AIRcable™. These products can serve as wireless accessories for PDA's and laptops, wireless serial and USB cable replacement products, proximity marketing solutions, and custom product development.

Our vision is to make life simpler for people through insightful applications of emerging technologies.

Our mission is to eliminate short-range cables using wireless technology.

Unlike other companies selling Bluetooth and 802.11 (Wi-Fi) equipment, our focus is to keep wireless technology as easy to use as cables, with minimum new software and device intelligence needed. We sell matched sets for specific cable types and our unique and patented technology allows us to look to the system like an already supported device. Other than USB support no new drivers or interconnect administration software is needed. In most configurations our products also eliminate the complexities of setting up software as well as device configuration.

Wireless Cables’s products solve real customer problems – the difficulties, inconveniences, and costs associated with connecting devices using cables.

Wireless Cables, Inc. is based in Santa Cruz, California, and is listed in Dun & Bradstreet (D&B).

About our Product Line

Our products are designed to be as easy to use as cables. No complex wireless connection software or intimate knowledge of Bluetooth is required to connect your serial device to your PC. For example, when you use our AIRcable USB-Serial product, which is not a common Bluetooth dongle, the Bluetooth software runs inside the hardware module and does not require any Bluetooth software to be installed on your PC.

With our wirelessly programmable Bluetooth micro-controller, AIRcable provides the most flexible, powerful and cost effective Bluetooth-Serial product in the market. In addition to the point-to-point, cable mode connection, AIRcable can run applications to provide Bluetooth service to other devices, to find other Bluetooth devices automatically and much more.

Wireless Cables Inc. recently introduced the AIRcable SMD product which means that you can now integrate AIRcable into your devices. If you have a serial port or any analog or digital sensor, you can instantly give your product the wireless technology and the connectivity to cell phones PCs etc. your customers want.

Contact us, our pricing is very competitive. All our AIRcable products are Bluetooth 2.1 certified and can be used with other Bluetooth enabled devices as well, such as Palms, PocketPC, Cell Phones, Laptops, etc.

With all that in mind, AIRcable allows OEMs many different options for our AIRcable Serial Modules- those options can be found here! We now also provide custom configurations based on what you're going to use our AIRcable SMD modules for!