APPLICATIONS : AIRcable for Nextel

The AIRcable for Nextel™ adds Bluetooth functionality to many Nextel phones without the need of changing the phone's firmware. This allows connections to laptops, PDA, Bluetooth cameras, Bluetooth scanners and control serial devices (using other AIRcable products).

You will need to set the AIRcable's mode manually—via the AIRcable's command line interface — for some of the applications below. For more information on manually configuring your AIRcable for Nextel refer to the manual (click here for PDF ).

Download our simple terminal emulator here, in order for the phone to use the AIRcable's command line interface.


Sample Applications

Dial-up Connection Using Your Cell Phone

Set-up a dial-up connection for a Palm, Pocket PC or Laptop. The AIRcable for Nextel™ comes preconfigured to allow incoming connections.

Bluetooth® GPS

With the AIRcable for Nextel™ your iDEN cell phone can be used as a Bluetooth® GPS.

For information on navigation software for the Palm go to link to

FLIC Scanner

Use the FLIC scanner from Mircovision with your computer, laptop, PDA or Cell Phone by pairing your AIRcable module with the scanner.