AIRcable USB3 to Serial3X

AIRcable Serial3X-to-USB3 provides a fast, convenient way of connecting any computer with a USB port to any serial (RS 232) based device. The Serial3X-to-USB3 eliminates the USB-to-serial adapter cable, and integrates a USB virtual serial port and a Bluetooth interface in one device. Installation is as easy as plugging in the device and selecting the COM port. Our device runs all the software needed.

The Serial3X's external antenna adds range and increases installation flexibility. The Serial3X's onboard battery allows it to operate without power from the serial port or an external power supply.

Intelligent and Programmable NEW!

The Serial3X and USB3 are now intelligent and programmable via the onboard AIRcable OS.

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Versatile Hardware

The AIRcable Serial3X-to-USB3 comes with two distinct connectors: the AIRcable USB3, which plugs into the USB port of your computer, and the AIRcable Serial3X-Male, which is a DTE serial module that plugs into the serial (RS 232) port of your peripheral device. The AIRcable Serial3X module can be adapted to a female DCE serial module with our null-modem adapter.

Every AIRcable-Serial3X module is now shipped with a free null-modem adapter that supports power through pin 9.

Devices connected wirelessly by the AIRcable Serial3X-to-USB3 allow you to do away with cables while allowing printing, scanning, etc, and all at the speed of a high-bandwidth network connection. AIRcable eliminates the unnecessary tangle of cables in your home or office while giving you the freedom and flexibility of moving your equipment wirelessly up to 30-50 ft (the wireless range).

Special Functions