Industrial XR-to-Industrial XR

A Super Long-range, Intelligent
Wireless Serial Cable

Connect standard serial devices over long distances without using cables, up to 30km!

AIRcable Industrial XR-to-Industrial XR provides a fast, convenient, secure way of connecting any device equipped with a serial port to another serial (RS-232) based devices.

Example uses include:

AIRcable Industrial XR-to-Industrial XR gives you a significant savings over deploying and maintaining physical cables!

The AIRcable Industrial XR-to-Industrial XR package comes with two Industrial XR modules pre-paired and pre-loaded with a cable-replacement BASIC program.

The AIRcable Industrial XR-to-Industrial XR is intelligent & programmable! Learn more >>

This package allows the following configurations:

The AIRcable Industrial XR Wireless Cable modules conform to the industrial standard EIA-232-E for serial data communication and act as transparent pass through devices, i.e. as a RS-232 cable without wires. It provides complete emulation of all RS-232 signals.

The AIRcable Industrial XR does not require any software to establish a Bluetooth connection. There is also no need to change any software on the connected devices. The AIRcable is a true "cable replacement" product. The serial data rate is adjustable between 4800 bps and 115200 bps.

Data rate can be different on both modules, thus providing a baud rate conversion.

Both AIRcable Industrial XR modules can be powered through pin 9 or with the power supply from the external power plug. They have a wide range of input voltage: 5-15V.

Every AIRcable Industrial XR module is now shipped with a free null-modem adapter that is used to convert the male serial plug to a female serial plug and supports power through pin 9.




No change of your software is necessary since our devices adjust the baud rate.